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What is the EU Eco Label?
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What is the Ecolabel?

The European Ecolabel distinguishes products that meet high standards of both performance and environmental quality. Every product awarded the European Ecolabel must pass rigorous environmental fitness trials, with results verified by an independent body.

Other environmental labels cover specific environmental concerns such as recyclability or energy efficiency, but the Flower of the European Ecolabel stands for low environmental impacts throughout a products life cycle - from manufacturing to disposal. Consumers can find it across the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. 


Environmental advantages:

Detergents must break down into harmless substances once they enter the environment.

The products must come in a minimal amount of packaging, thus taking up less space in the landfill.

Detergents must come with guidelines for safe handling and use.

Recommendations on the label instruct the consumer about how to use the correct amount of detergent for the job in hand.

All-purpose cleaners must have instructions for diluting the detergent effectively to clean practically any 
washable surface.

By following the European Eco-label flower, you get products that tread gently on the environment throughout their life cycle, from the creation of the chemicals themselves, to their packaging, to their disposal. 


Simply said, Eco-labelled cleaning products are better by nature.

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