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For all your janitorial needs we stock high quality leaning equipment including mops, brushes, dusters, brooms and dustpans.

Hygenitec supplies a range of janitorial cleaning equipment, hardware and accessories for cleaning a variety of environments, including hotels, schools, offices, gyms, bars, restaurants, nursing homes, medical centres, shops and factories. All our products are of the highest quality and at extremely competitive and affordable prices. We stock quality brands such as Ramon, Optima and SYR.
Our wide range of hardware includes:

  • Feather dusters

  • Wet floor signs

  • Plastic bins

  • Dustpan and brush sets

  • Lobby dustpan and brush sets

  • Mop heads

  • Mop buckets

  • Disposable mop heads

  • Brushes

  • Broom handles

  • Deck scrubbers

  • Squeegees

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